Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adaptable desert horses!

Yes, the Akhal-Tekes are most certainly adaptable! Mine are at the moment swamp horses - and they don't seem to give a hoot. Tropical Storm Fay has left us almost totally underwater. There are some high - not dry, but high - areas in our pastures where they mostly hang out, but then slog right through the foot-deep water to get to their hay and/or feed without flicking an ear. That's pretty amusing since when things are mostly dry, and there is maybe a 2-inch puddle at the gate, most of them will look at the puddle as though it is surely quicksand and then make a huge jump over it! It's also funny now to see them with their noses totally underwater, eating the submerged grass - munch, munch, munch, then up for a quick breath, then back down to munch, munch, munch. Underwater grass must be especially tasty, because there really are a lot of high, out of the water sections that have oodles of nice, green grass.
Anyway, it's amazing how quickly they can turn from desert horses to swamp horses with no apparent distress. I do hope it will drain off quickly, though - it surely wouldn't do their hooves any good over an extended period - and all my boots have holes in them!