Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi everyone,

Seems that winter has arrived early to Michigan this year. The ground is frozen and the snow is already falling. Everyone is doing fine. The babies (well, weanlings) are getting fuzzy, they are now used to their new routine of coming in at night into their stalls and getting brushed and loved on by my kids. I have been schooling Metman over cross country jumps and he loves it. I plan on getting out and competing him in the spring, we will start with novice although the jumps bore him terribly, he really likes the prelim height obstacles. The mares have all been out to pasture with the cows on grass, now that winter has set in I will bring them up to the barn this weekend. Magnatli will go back into trick training in December and Aishet will go with him to be broke to ride. Salam is at a stand still, he is neither getting worse or better. He has learned to be houdini and can undo any "horse proof" latch. Three times now he has made his pen into one large condo by opening the gate between him and his best friend Apache my youngest daughters little pony. They just stand there together happy as can be. So now I tie the gates with ropes so he can't get to the knots (he can untie just about any knot too). Life is never dull with Teke's.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Freedom Run Farm