Sunday, June 15, 2008

Very smart indeed

Shirley's story reminds me of when Magnatli got cast also. I had taken all 3 stallions to a stallion station for collection and semen freezing. All three "boys" made the 4 1/2 hour drive great with no complaints and when we arrived at the station we unloaded the boys and put them in their stalls (very large 12x15 stalls) as we stood outside of the 3 stallions stalls talking we realized that Magnatli had disappeared from view so we all went to his stall, opened the door and there he was cast against the wall under the automatic waterer and feeder. One of the grooms ran to get a rope as we tried to reassure him that we would get him out. Magnatli just looked at us calmly rolled himself over by using his hind leg against the bottom of the waterer and up he was, no worse for wear. And I swear he was saying "what are you all looking at". The smarts of the Akhal-Teke impresses me everyday.

Since I am blogging today I might as well give you a Metman update. He is still in Chicago at the Lamplight Equestrian Center. He jumped level 1 fast and clean (schooling jumpers) and then went on to do a level 3 jumper class, he went clean and smooth and finished just out of the ribbons in a very large class. This level 3 went slow to get him confident again at the higher levels and to prepare him for "the Classic" Class the next day. The next morning Metman had developed a slice in the skin at the girth area, so he was scratched from his big class of the week. Metman will be competing all next week too, his girth area looks better today so hopefully there is another big class this week.

Everyone else is doing great, the babies are blowing their baby fuzz, Samaddin has that wonderful gold metallic coat like his dad and his legs have tall black socks like his dad too.

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