Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun with Colors!

Hello all - this is an Akhal-Teke cross filly, by Magnatli out of a pure-bred Arab mare. She was foaled 1/25/09. Magnatli is a golden, golden buckskin. The Arab mare is a bright chestnut. The first picture is at about 1 week old. The second picture at about 2.5 months old. The last two pictures, rear, and front betweeen her dam and another mare, were taken last Friday, 5/22. Would anyone care to suggest what color she is? Her legs are pitch black, her mane and tail appear to be coming in black, and she has a black dorsal stripe. Her name is Merry Marvad and she belongs to my friend Cecelia Clark.
She is certainly "colorfun" I would say!
My own Magnatli filly, Gagatli, is the spittin' image of her dad - golden buckskin with his exact same markings. Someday I'll post some pictures :>)
P.S. Well, the pictures don't post in any kind of order, but it's obvious which is which. Adding pictures to your post isn't easy - try it :>)

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Victoria Rowell said...

I just searched miss Merry Marvad's name and found this blog post! I am happy to update on her color! She now resides with me, Victoria Rowell, in Folkston, GA. She is a chestnut mare with very dark undertones that can turn black when wet. Her mane and tail are darker at the tops and lighten as they grow. Her tail is even black in the middle. Sher winter coat is much lighter than her dark, shiney summer coat. We look forward to having a life long relationship, and I am ecstatic to have found some baby pictures!