Friday, June 19, 2009

News from Freedom Run

It's been a busy last couple of weeks. First cutting hay is done and in the barn. We put over 1,100 square bales in the barn for the horses in one afternoon, it feels so good to be set for the winter. Now we continue with hay for the cattle. On June 10th - Our yearling stud colt Samaddin (Magnatli x Sakinate) went to his new home near Edmonton Alberta. New owner Sally Odell plans to use him as a breeding stallion in the future. She called when she arrived home after 3 days of driving and said he traveled very well and he had loads of visitors that came to see an Akhal-Teke for the first time. Samaddin will be a great ambassador for the breed and I am sure he will make many more fans. Sally is also a Friesan breeder with a very nice purebred stallion she stands and several top quality purebred mares. On Sunday June 14th Salam left for Cathy Leddy's Cascade Gold Akhal-Teke where he will be standing stud. Daga is at the stallion station hopefully bred to Salam. Aishet is at the trainers still. Inserted is a picture of Samaddin I took the morning he left for Canada.


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