Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Babies sure are fun!

The weather here has been gorgeous, so the mares and their foals are out in the pasture. There are two mares and foals out there - Ria and her filly, Mahri, and Alav and her colt, Suyji. Ria and Alav aren't quite sure how they feel about each other yet, so the 'kids' are working on taking care of that. We have jumps in the pasture and today my oldest daughter, Alex, reported that Mahri was running an obstacle course around the pasture, including going over the jumps. Every time she'd do a lap, she'd get a little bit closer to Suyji, who was watching this with fascination. They never quite got together, as their mamas intervened before they could, but it will only be a day or so before they're 'best friends'.
There is some YouTube video of Mahri and Suyji up, some on my site and a friend just put some up too. If you're interested, you can go to check out these links; here is Mahri at 15 minutes old: and a nice one of her at 5 days old done by Monica Bretherton:
and then one of Suyji at 15 minutes old:

I'm still learning how to do these YouTube videos but it's pretty neat!


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