Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for the show?

I am now home from our 3,600 mile vacation with the family. We headed first from Michigan to Fort Worth, TX where my husband spent 3 days in 100F standing at an equipment auction while I took the kids to the waterpark. Then we headed up to Durango, CO via New Mexico, then home with a quick stop in St. Louis to go up the Arch and tour Merameck Caverns. Luck has it that I missed out on the steaming hot muggy weather we had at home while I was enjoying 72F mountain air. And it was only 76F and dry when we got home, which was nice since our farm hand had wagons full of hay and straw for us to unload right away.

Now that I am home I am catching up on over due chores and hay. My main priority this week was to decide on who to bring to our inaugural U.S. Championship show in September and get my entries in. I decided to leave the mares and babies home since I do not want to induce too much stress on weaning them right before the show and then hauling them to a new place. I will bring Metman - who is entered in Ridden Class, Jumping, Dressage, in hand. Magantli - Costume class, and in hand. Daga - in hand only. I did enter the filly Azmele, if she handles the weaning well then she will come for in-hand class.

Entries are in. Hotel is booked. I had planned on camping in the trailer at the horse park but my husband has banned the stallions from the living quarter stock trailer after Salam put a little dent in the side, picky, picky.

I am working on putting a costume together now, I have bought a robe and a pretty head piece like the one I borrowed from Shirley at the 2006 conference. Now I need to work on a authentic looking bridle and I need to get a decorative collar.

Metman is still competing up in Travers City Michigan at the Horse Shows by the Bay Series. He will come home next week and then I will start riding him and work on our dressage. Magnatli is still at the trainers learning circus tricks, I am told that he is learning very quick, quicker then most horses. Magantli is the first Akhal-Teke that Serenity Stables has worked with and so far they really like him. He will have a very nice Circus Bow for us at the Conference and show in September have your cameras ready....

Bye for now... make sure to get your entries in before the deadline of August 1st and don't forget to send in your conference dues too.

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