Monday, February 23, 2009

Conditioning for our first ride of the year!

I've been busy with my friend Monica, getting our horses (and ourselves!) ready for our first endurance ride of the year. For Monica and Ari, it will be their first ride ever. Ari has done one 'trail ride' at an endurance ride a few years back with my daughter, but nothing longer. Monica has been riding Ari for several months now, as Callie, my daughter, decided she no longer wanted to (sigh). We've been doing our LSD, long, slow, distance, and have just recently started to speed things up a bit. Our first ride will be at Home on the Range, in Othello, WA, assuming we were two of the first 100 entries. We'll be doing a 25, so it's not really an endurance ride, but this early in the year I'd prefer shorter and slower. Plenty of time to speed things up! Monica has been blogging quite a bit about our rides at and has certainly done a better job at it than I could! Check it out and see for yourselves.

I'll be sure to post how our ride went, after the fact.



Kerri-Jo said...
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Kerri-Jo said...

this year is going to be great for Tekes starting in LDs in the NE, especially out of your breeding program:

Brent (Dazyrdi & Baikan, out of your stallion of course), Sandra (Almaty & Sumgait, your breeding again) and Darla (Kamileshen, yours again).

Hopefully we'll see some champions emerging soon!!

Unfortunately it will be another year for me, unless someone wants to adopt a couple of children for the summer... :-)

Kerri-Jo said...

so how did it go?

we are waiting for you to tell us!!