Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is here...Hurray!

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time. I always think of things to blog about when I am cleaning stalls but I always get busy when I get in the house and never get to writing. The horses would probably think I am crazy if I start using the record mode on my phone to work on blog topics as I pick stalls.

Spring is here and I am chomping at the bit to go competing. Metman spent a lot of time in the barn this winter and is fat and sassy but he and I will start our road work to get in shape this week. The fields with our clay ground is still too wet for jumping and hill work so the lane and dirt roads will have to do. Magnatli is almost completely shed out and he looks great, he is going back into circus training next week and he will also learn to drive this summer. Salam is doing good but will stay in the barn until I can send the yearling bulls back out to pasture and he can have his paddock and run-in back for the summer. Mares are all good. The only foal expected this spring is a Magnatli X Sakinate due in May but Sakinate looks ready now and she spends most of her time sleeping in the warm spring sun.

I am curious to know behavior differences between everyones stallions and mares. At my house the mares are much more independent then the stallions. The mares are very friendly but not as "needy" as the stallions. My mares like to be outside all the time and the stallions like to be in the barn. My stallions like to be fussed with all day and the mares want to have their food, their itches scratched and then they are good for the day.

Metman is the clown of the farm, he likes to dump over the wheel barrow while I clean his stall (if I am not paying attention)he is very secure about being alpha male at the farm. Magnatli needs his "mamma love" and wants to be hugged and loved on all the time. He muggs you and gives kisses until it obnoxious. He wants everyone to like him and really takes offense when someone (be it humane or animal) does not like him. Salam gets very jealous when I pay attention to Metman, he likes to have massages and rub downs, he is very spoiled from being in so much with his neck injury. Yes, I am putting human emotions to my horses. I will write about my mares in the next post.

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