Monday, April 14, 2008

and winter continues in Michigan.....

Oh, I am so jealous of 80 degree weather. We had very nice warm weather last week and yesterday it snowed all day (Hard, like a blizzard) it melted when it hit the ground but still nasty. The horses all spent the day inside. They where all very happy to get out this morning. I took some more pictures of the babies and I will get them posted to my website tomorrow. I have decided on names with the help of Nadja. The filly will be Azim (the Princess) and the Colt will be called Samaddin. Although my kids call them Jack and Jill since they look so much alike. Anne-Marie

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Akhal-TekeSociety Members said...


Don't be too jealous yet, it's back to 50 degrees here today...:) But should be in the 70's again by the end of the week.

Can't wait to see more foal pictures. Are you going to breed the mares back, and to whom ? Will you breed Daga this year too ?