Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good morning all - another beautiful day in sunny Florida. Magnatli is glowing like Goldfinger poured a bucket of gold on him! Wish I was good with a camera. And I also missed another shot of Magnatli and Fat Albert (our pot-bellied pig) snuffling nose-to-nose thru the fence - wish you all could see it - what a hoot! Darkh Amber will be leaving for Texas and her polo-playing careeer on Tuesday - I am going to weep buckets, I know, but I'm sure she is going to love her job. Jas - tell us more about Patrickhan and his stint as a cowpony this last summer. There are several local cowboys here who are considering crossing a mare with a Teke to produce a cowpony. 'Bye now - got to go pick up some hay.

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