Monday, April 14, 2008

A gorgeous weekend in Seattle!

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Seattle and the horses really appreciated it! 80 degrees and lovely sunshine on Saturday, with Sunday not quite so nice. Hair floating everywhere, as everyone is shedding as quickly as possible. I was able to go on a great ride on Sunday with my friend Wendy and her Nez Perce mare, Allie. We were out for about 3 hours of trotting winding, wooded trails, yelling "watch that tree" many times. I only got my knee once and Galen got lots of practice bending, neck-reining, and using his hind-end. We have a ride this next weekend down in Madras, OR, where Galen and I will do a 25 and Wendy and Allie a 50. I'm sort of planning to see what his recoveries are like for a few rides doing 25s and if his recoveries (and mine) are good, we'll probably step up to a..gasp...50! I've gotten a lot fitter, which certainly helps both of us and we've been doing our conditioning, so we'll see. Ride day will tell the tale.

Our mud almost dried up, but now it's raining again, sigh, so it will be coming back. But, we are getting more and more nice weather vs rotten weather, so I'm looking forward to less mud, more sun and shed out horses.

I meant to bring my camera...but I didn't. Oh well! Next time.


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Kerri-Jo said...

yea, hopefully Tekes will be making a mark in the north-west endurance circuit!

and I can't wait to see photos!!