Saturday, April 12, 2008

brand new stuff

OK, my first ever attempt at blogging ! Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks ?!

Spring has definitely sprung here at Central Asian Equines. It was 80 degrees here yesterday, the lilacs are about to bloom and the winter hair is flying off in the breeze. I'll try to get some pictures when they're done shedding out.

Our first foal is due any day now. Gozakhal is big as a tick and hugely waddling about, her bag is getting tight and her tail very limp. This will be our first of 3 Maruk foals and we are really excited to see it. Gozi has been acting very feminine lately and actually letting the other mares tease her, which she never does. My dear vet friend Dr. Bob Gochnauer told me that the secondary sex hormones come in last, right before foaling, so if they are acting girly, you're having a colt; if they're acting studdy, you're having a filly. So my guess is a boy, we'll see soon if I'm right.

The open mares are all begging to get bred already, but I don't like to have March foals, so they'll have to wait a bit longer. We're shooting for 3 Gindarkh foals, 4 Mergen foals, and a couple of TBA daddies, depending on availability !

Hope to see everyone at the Festivale of Rare Breeds this September at the KHP. We plan to exhibit Samovar and Stoli Gold, with possibly one other Teke riding along, unless we get a bigger trailer before then !

Best to everyone,

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