Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Golden Boy comes home.

Magnatli has returned home from his winter vacation in Florida with Shirley at Triple S Farm where he enjoyed Florida sunshine and lots of girlfriends. He arrived in style late Thursday night and the van driver had nothing but good things to say about him. She said he traveled great with no complaints and ate and drank everytime she offered. Of course after spending a week traveling thru Russia to get to Amsterdam a little 30 hour ride from Florida is no big deal to him, he just goes with the flow. I have made arrangments for him to go into trick training later in June, and he will also learn to drive this summer.

Salam will start to go out today in a small paddock on sedation just in case he is a little too fresh from his 6 months on stall rest. Poor fellow, he has been so good thru it all. His dragging of the back feet has gotten better though a long road to recovery is ahead still.

Foals are growing and healthy. Aishet has really blossomed since having her filly, she has the most beautiful metalic bronze coat with dapples. It is very hard to capture on camera but I will keep trying.

Metman is comming home this week to breed Aishet and maybe Daga and then he is off to Chicago for another jumper show June 6 - 23rd.

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