Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello All

Hello all

These last few weeks have been horrible for the horse world - the disasters at the Rolex, and the tragedy at the Kentucky Derby. And then in our own small group two of our members are still fighting disasters with their horses - one involving a wonderful Akhal-Teke stallion, and the other involving two Akhal-Teke mares (in separate incidences). But so far, to my knowledge, these 3 brave horses are still with us, and they actually now number 4 since one of the AT mares managed to produce a live, healthy, bucking and kicking filly - a miracle foal! So hopefully we are now all in an upswing! The owners of the horses will tell us more about these events, I'm sure, when they have time to write.

Fortunately the coin has "another side", and Saturday brought very good luck to another one of our members. Her 2-yr-old Akhal-Teke colt won First Place - the Gold - at a Warmblood inspection. I'm sure this owner will let us know more about this when she has a moment.

As for Triple S Farm in Florida - the weather is warming up and it will soon be Hot! Magnatli will be leaving for home in Michigan the middle of this month - I'm really going to miss him. And so will Fat Albert (the pig), I'm sure. Just this morning we had another episode involving them. Usually, when they are nose-to-nose they make no noise other than snuffling. This morning, for some reason, Albert grunted (Oink!) - well Magnatli jumped straight up about a foot on all fours - he looked like a little lamb or kid when they hop around - but he didn't panic, he just landed and looked thru the fence for Albert. But Albert had left the territory - he was the one who got scared!

'Bye now - Shirley

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