Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello all

Well, breeding season may be just beginning for Cathy in Washington, but for me, in Florida, it is now over. Magnatli has gone home to Michigan, and I miss him terribly. He is a wonderful horse - a joy to be around and work with and a marvel to watch and admire. I can't wait to hear from Anne-Marie how his trick training goes - he is a star in the making, I'm sure. Luckily for me I will have 3 little golden Magnatlis arriving next spring - 1 in February and 2 in March. It will be interesting to see what colors I get - the mares are 1 bay, 1 buckskin, and 1 palomino. I suppose I could possibly get a perlino or a cremello, which I would love to have, but I wonder how it would handle the Florida weather?

Fat Albert (the pig) also misses Magnatli badly and suffered a near disaster because of it. He was rooting up and down the fence line where Magnatli used to be - well, Albert has tusks (I guess that's what you call them) - and I kept hearing this strange, muffled sort of screaming - looked all over the place, and finally saw Albert thrashing around by the fence. Poor boy had gotten his tusk caught in the fence wire (non-climb wire) and he couldn't get loose. Had to get the big wire cutters to get him out. He was none the worse for wear, but I have noticed that he doesn't root close to the fence line any more!

Hope everyone is enjoying lovely springtime weather and having fun with their horses.


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