Monday, May 5, 2008

The unknown Teke person

Hi all,I am kind of the unknown Teke person so I thought I'd speak up. I have been interested in the Akhal Tekes for the last 5 years. The long and short story is that I met some memorable people, saw some awesome horses made wonderful new friends, and have been involved ever since. In 2004 I bred my Arabian mare to the wonderful Gindarkh 13. That gave me a terrific filly that just recently sold to a wonderful show home She is currently bred to my purebred Akhal Teke, Garzhan (Gindarkh 13 X Gozakhal), as is her 31/32 Arabian pasture mate the sabino pinto mare Rave.

The pictures are sort of out of order but the first is the Arabian pinto I just mentioned, Rave, due in the next couple weeks and bred to Garzhan. It is a second foal for her and she is said to be homoqygous for color so we'll all be interested to see is we get an Akhal Teke sport horse with pinto markings!
Rave is also for sale and could be sold and bred back to Garzhan if desired.

The second picture is the filly by Gindarkh 13 X Elskova. Elmydam (Ellie) is standing in the front and is actually a frosted bay (gray on bay) color and will probably always be that color as she does not seem to change from year to year. The horse behind her is her 1/2 brother from Asgard, named Elektric (Statistic X Elskova).

The third photo is Elskova an Asgard Arabian and anyone around here who knows anything about endurance knows
Asgard Arabians, breeder of the number one Endurance horse, Heraldic.
Elskova has produced 6 purebred Arabian foals for Asgard and all are endurance horses. Since then she has produced
3 Akhal Teke Sport Horse foals for me
and is due July 4 with her 10th foal and 4th AT Sport horse foal. The
foal in the picture is her 3rd AT Sport horse foal, Elviis (Mergen X Elskova).

In February I picked up a horse I am leasing from April Pruente, Amarylis.
A lovely buckskin mare bred by Tito
Pontecorvo. Amarylis settled in nicely, is enjoying the new grass, and will be bred to Garzhan in the near future for my first purebred Akhal Teke foal. I will send in more news as it comes.

Thanks All,
Becky Supinger
Spiritwood Farm

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